Facts & benefits of walking your dog



The bond between owner/walker and dog is special and dogs that get walked regularly tend to bond better to people. Dogs see their walker as a friend and grow an affinity to that person leading to increased trust, loyalty and friendship! This is why you and your dog deserve a dogwalker that you can trust with your pup.



Dogs who are locked up all day are tending to have behaviour problems act agressive and destroy household objects, clothe or have accidents in the house. A good dogwalk can remove most of the built up energie and prevent and help with your dogs discipline problems.


Dogs need plenty of interaction with other dogs and people to improve their skills and learn how to behave in regular situations. A lack of social interaction can lead to some dogs becoming too shy too dependent or too crazy to interact with others. Walking your dog in different surroundings near other dogs can improve their demeanor.



Dogs that fail to get the daily dose of exercise that a good walk can bring tend to suffer most notably chronic digestion and stomach problems and lack of sphinter control resulting in farting and loose bowels. Dogs know when they don't feel well and eat grass to solve many ailments to their inner body.


A healthy body breeds a healthy mind as a saying goes. Dogs, especially younger ones need a lot of exercise to build up a healthy immune system and body. A good dog walker will know the limit of each dog and know exactly the perfect distance to cover so the dog gets everything he or she needs without over doing it, especially with older dogs who don't need so much.