Policy  ILetYourDogOut Service Agreement

        Terms and conditions:

  • Every client is responsible to have their schedule for the following week in by Sunday evening 6PM. Going forward schedule change can be made and must be by requested if possible 24 Hours before. To do so please text message to 773-706-2193. Cancelations for services on the same day have to be made by 8am or the walk will be charged, otherwise cancelations on time are free.

  • If we can't get into your unit whether it be your door staff isn't available, your call box isn't working, locks were changed or you are not able to return our call to let us in after the first 10 minutes of arrival, we will charge for the full walk. If we have to return on request we will charge the following walk as an additional walk. All clients must have a key and fob or code on file with us and a back up key available if something were to happen with an ER contact.

  • Payments are due at the time of first walk or any service rendered. We are selling a package of 20 walks to our clients and work our way through it throughout the month. The package renews on the last day of the expiring package and payment is due on the same day the old package expires. 

  • On holidays an additional service charge of $10 will be applied to the regular service fee.

  • Our company or walkers will not held liable or financially responsible for any damage. This includes any damage or destruction resulting from the Dog's actions or health problems.

  • The Client has to provide a key and fob to us or you can add us on the entry list with your doorman or have a lockbox ready with keys for us.

  • The charge of $5 extra per walk for two dogs in your household, will only count as such if the client owns both dogs. The additional dog offer does not count toward visiting dogs, families dogs, friends dogs, roommates dogs.

  • If you decide to leave our pack please give us 2 weeks notice in advance. 

  • We are not giving refunds for any kind of service or unfinished walk packages.

  • Important notice: This doesn't concern our regular clients, but If you purchase a package please make sure you use it properly and to full extend of 5 walks per week and a minimum of 3 walks per week.  3 walks per week will automatically expire if left unused after the package is purchased.