ILetYourDogOut Dog parents talk...

Janina of I Let Your Dog Out is a treasure - my dog, Marvin the pug, loves her and waits for her visits every day. I adore her, too – I don't have to worry at all about Marvin I am at work and I am always at ease knowing she's visiting him and taking the very best care of him.  She is dependable, reliable and truly loves her "clients".  Marvin has the very best of care with Janina!

She is extremely knowledgeable and is my go to person if I have any questions or need an opinion about Marvin and his crazy pug ways. She provides such a wonderful, caring cannot get that just anywhere.  I have had other people walk my prior pups with whom I have never felt as at ease as I do with Janina.  She is also amazing in caring for my geriatric 17 year old kitty when I have to travel as I cannot take him with me due to his anxious nature and health issues.  I appreciate having Janina in my life to care for my animals.

- Lisa, Marvin the pug and Bebo the ornery geriatric kitty

We have been working with Janina for a little over a year now, almost immediately after we rescued our dog, Coco. My boyfriend and I knew very little about raising a puppy when we got her. Janina was, and continues to be, super helpful with anything behavioral and trained Coco to do things we could not! Janina is extremely reliable, caring, safe and responsible. Coco loves Janina and is so happy when Janina arrives for her walk, as well as when she comes home. We are all so happy we found Janina!


Kelly, Marko and Coco

I would highly recommend Janina to anyone looking for a dog walker.  She's incredibly reliable and trustworthy.  She's flexible when we have unexpected schedule changes, and always communicates clearly, both about the schedule and how our dog did on the walks.  Our dog loves her (so does our cat).  Very happy overall

Adam and Barnaby

Janina has been incredibly patient and helpful when working with our dog, Charley. Charley was extremely protective of our apartment, aggressive towards strangers coming into our home and hesitant around new people in general. So much so that we were very worried when I accepted a new job that required me to go into an office (I previously worked from home) and unsure if we’d be able to find a dog walker who would be willing to work with our very anxious pup. 

Janina was willing to do a few “meet and greets” before we officially started our walks. She always comes prepared with treats and is assertive, but not intimidating (which is just what our pup needed to feel more comfortable overtime). 

We’ve noticed a huge shift in our dog’s behavior since Janina started walking her 2 months ago. She no longer shows signs of fear aggression and is even walking up to strangers with her tail wagging. I’d highly recommend Janina to anyone looking for a walker. It is clear she has your dog’s best interest at heart and her passion for animals is clear through her patience in working with even the most difficult pups (like ours J). 

Kate, Brendon and Charley

"Janina came very highly recommended from a fellow dog parent in my building and I now know why.  Since she began walking my rescue dog every day (and sometimes twice a day) nearly seven months ago, Janina has been more than a just a very professional and reliable dog walker; she's been an extremely loving caregiver. Janina took time to get to know my dog and, as a result, is very attuned to her general health and disposition, so she easily spots problems, like skin allergies and dietary issues, that likely would have taken me much longer to notice.  After working with a dog trainer, Janina eagerly wanted to know what she could do to support our training goals, so I know my dog will get the same positive reinforcement of good behaviors on her daytime walks.

Janina's love and deep knowledge of dogs and passion to keep them happy and healthy, as well her dependability and commitment to their parents, allows me to recommend her without hesitation."

- Courtney& Friday

"Janina played a pivotal role in potty training my puppy. Her wealth of knowledge that she openly shares is amazing. She gave me some wonderful tips and tricks and continues to do so as my dog has gotten older. She's not just taking your dog for a walk; she's monitoring and watching out for your dog. She notices small details and makes me aware immediately. She truly cares about your dog and is someone you can trust."

- Mary& Finley, West Loop

We have been working with Janina for about a year and half now. For us, there is no other dog walker in Chicago! Not only do we love her, but our beloved Bud loves her too! He cant wait for his walks with Janina and gets excited every time.
Janina truly cares about her clients and treats us as friends. She is very responsible, knowledgeable and great with animals. We've have grown so close and we couldn't imagine our life without her...Bud can't either! We are so beyond satisfied with the level of professionalism we've experienced with Janina. We look forward to working with her for years to come!

With love,
Bud, and his humans...

“We have been using I Let Your Dog Out exclusively for about three years now and we couldn’t be happier.  Janina takes great care of our dog and never cuts corners when it comes to service.  One thing I think sets this business apart from other dog walking services I’ve used in the past is the reliability -- we know we can always count on Janina.  Three years without a single last minute cancellation.  That speaks for itself!  I would highly recommend I Let Your Dog Out.”


-Alex & Dixie

"Janina is the best!

We adopted a puppy last year and needed a dog walker that was insured and bonded. Since we were unhappy with our previous dog walker we decided to look for a new one, thankfully we stumbled upon I Let Your Dog Out!

I am so very grateful that we found Janina. In so many years of owning a dog, and hiring dog walkers, there is no one that comes close to her. 

Janina is flexible, reliable and professional. With her kind, good natured but yet authoritative demeanor she was able to immediately establish a trusting, respectful and playful relationship with our dog. She's a natural. Just as my husband and I were pulling our hair out over puppy training, Janina came to our rescue with good sound advise that worked.

Since we travel and because there is no one we trust more to care for our beloved pup, we use Janina for boarding. Her home is our dog's second home and he LOVES spending time with her.

Can't say enough great things about Janina. She has been truly awesome to our dog and to us too!


-Katherine, David and Buster

I have been using Janina for six years as my go to dog walker. I am fortunate to have found her to walk my sweet girl, Roxi. She is passionate about her work and it is clearly not just a job but something she loves doing. Janina is dependable, honest, and cares about the animals she walks and takes care of. In recent months, my Roxi had ACL surgery and developed a staph infection. I needed help while I was at work to administer Roxi’s meds and check on her. Without hesitation, Janina stepped up and gladly offered to help. She cares very deeply for every animal she looks after. Roxi LOVES Janina and is so excited to see each time she comes to care for or walk Roxi. Thanks Janina for your loving Roxi!! I look forward to having you as Roxi’s dog walker for years to come.

~ Dia & Roxi

Janina is fantastic- we couldn't ask for a better puppy walker and pal for our little Cavalier, Weasley. Janina has been walking Weasley since he was just a puppy and now is almost 2 years old. We absolutely trust Janina and value her input in training Weasley. It was especially great to have some additional input during Weasley's younger days while we were training him to be independent during the day. When he sees Janina he is so excited and covers her in puppy kisses and to us that is the biggest testament of the strong bond Janina forms with her doggies. 

-Ewelina, Alex and Weasley

Janina has been walking our 2 year old pit bull, Smokey, since he was 6 months old and there is no one we would trust more to take car of him while we are away.  She is excellent with Smokey and even helped reinforce his training when he was a puppy.  We get updates from Janina after every walk letting us know how he did and she couldn't be more kind and genuine with her comments.  Janina is extremely reliable and flexible with our schedules, so we are never worried about whether Smokey will have someone to take care of him in a pinch.  I would highly recommend Janina to any dog parent looking for a trustworthy individual to take great care of their furry friend.

-Nikki, Jon and Smokey

Janina is an absolute treasure.  I am so fortunate to have met Janina.  There is no one else i would have walk my dog than Janina. 
She is incredibly trustworthy, reliable, knowledgeable about dogs and training a puppy.

She has been and is a second mom to my dog, Shea.  Janina not only helped me train Shea. But she also help train me as a new puppy owner.
Shea was there from the first day i brought Shea home as an 8 week old puppy to having her graduate as a certified therapy dog at the age of one year old.  That is impressive.   
Shea says:   If you want your dog to have the best dog walker in town; call Janina!   I love my walks with Janina.  

- Kerry & Shea

"Janina has been walking our dog and we couldn't be happier. 

She is reliable, flexible, and gets along great with our dog.

She has also checked on our cats while we were away.

Janina has walked our dog Margot for several years and she feels like part of the family. She takes excellent care of Margot and is so sweet, sincere and warm. We can't imagen a better dog walker. She's been always answered the call when we needed help. When our daughter was born on Thanksgiving day, Janina saved the day. Even though it was a holiday, she was able to take Margot last minute while we were in the hospital. We are so grateful for everything she's done for our family."


-Aaron & Margot

"My greyhound Tess LOVES Janina! She has been Tess's doggie caretaker for four years now

and i could not be more thankful. I cannot even imagen having anyone else care for my Tess.

Janina is a gift to dogs;she cares about them with kindness and authority.

She is reliable and trustworthy. I highly recommend Janina to take care of your precious dog(s)!"


-Donna &Tess

 "We found Janina out of pure luck& boy, did we get lucky! 

After picking our Curtis out of the litter and knowing we had to prepare for bringing a puppy home, we picked up some business cards at the local pet store. After emailing Janina, not only did she have the best prices, but after meeting her for coffee, we knew she would be perfect for us.

She has continued to impress us with her flexibility, personability and of course the great care she provides for Curtis. She is so flexible about scheduling and will always do what it takes to make your life easier. Curtis is just over a year old and we are currently working to leave him out of the crate when we are at work during the day. Everyday, Janina sends me a report on how Curtis did in the morning, even if that means he ate a pillow or two :) She's also been more than willing to offer her advise on any issues we have run into with our little man as he matures. On top of all the ease she provides for our lives, the true tesst was when I was walking Curtis on my day off and we ran into her on the street, he leapt on her and might as well have licked her to death! Needless to say, we could not say enough kind words about Janina. We always kid in our house that Janina has a job with us for life, but really we're not kidding at all!"


-Blake & Curtis




"Janina is a fantastic dog walker. She is super reliable and has a great way with dogs. Our golden retriever, Ollie loves her and is always happy when she comes by to take him for a walk. She walks him 3 days a week and I love that I can always contact Janina if we need her to come at specific time or an extra day, she is very flexible. Many other dog walking services in the city don't come to the west loop and require a certain number of walks per week, Janina is really easy to work with. She is the best dog walker in the city!"


-Ashley & Ollie 




We've used Janina's Dog Walking since the business first opened and have had a very positive experience.  We never worried about our dog's well-being when with this true animal lover - he was ready to go when he heard the doorbell ring for his daily walks. 

We have also used their boarding service on short notice and had a positive experience with this service as well. Janina is extremely friendly, easy to work with, and very reliable. I'd highly recommend this business to anyone!


-Blanca& Logan



"Janina is fantastic with our Doberman, Titus. But what really sets her service apart is her accessibility and flexibility. Our family's life can get crazy at times. However, one text to Janina and she'll be there for Titus when needed. We've used her not only for walks but also for overnights and weekends. Titus loves her and she makes our lives so much easier. He also comes back from his time with her exhausted. Which is just awesome. We've used doggie day camps and other services. But Janina is by far the best money we've ever spent  for our dog."


-Steven & Titus



Janina is the jam! Omar is a flight attendant and I work WAY too much. Janina is a lifesaver by walking, playing, housesitting, and loving our 2 year old pitbul mix. She is always available, and due to our schedules, we have to ask last minute. Pam loves to get out of the house, and when we see Janina on the street, she runs to her side. We love her and thank her so much for being Pam's Godmother. I strongly recommend her should you need pet care. Thanks Janina, welcome to the family :)


-Anthony, Omar & Pam



We were so happy to meet Janina through a referral. We had a new baby at home and needed help in the brutally cold winter months with walking our dog, Winston. We liked Janina instantly! She was such a natural care taker to our Winston. It was an absolute pleasure getting to know Janina before we moved and I recommend her highly. She is trustworthy, reliable, and a kind and gentle soul. Not only will your pet love her, your entire family will too.


Allegra& Winston